Breathtakingly Fresh - Mint Rush
Fresh’s New Minty Lip Treatment



Sound Design
Color Correction

The invigoration is almost 
a subtle crackle, sharper than glittering icicles,
making playful leaps from lips to lips

The plant doesn’t look like much at first sight. Its leaves zigzag back and forth, as most leaves do; its stem stands inconsequential, almost bland. Come closer. Close your eyes, breathe in, and as it hits your senses, listen for the icy harmonies only peppermint knows how to intone. Flowing through these seemingly forgettable leaves is a treasure-trove of freshness and cool – a perfect mate to sweet and smooth. Fresh married mint with hydrating sugar to create their Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment, with cutting-edge moisturizing technology truly worthy of its creator’s name.



The Pulse of Nature’s Silence - The Makings of the Mint Rush SLT Campaign

How do you hear a feeling? Most often they sound like whispers, making their way from the senses that discover them before they launch into your soul. The gentle ringing of crystal-clear ice in your ears; a crisp wind playfully dancing across your face. For this Fresh campaign, an auditory exploration of minty freshness became our overarching focus: What does cool actually sound like? We aimed to capture the essence of this most invigorating of scents in tones that matched the playful raw footage.

Break the ice, and listen for the cooling sound as it cracks into a stream of refreshing, calm water. Mint is the epitome of icy flavors, and combined with the moisturizing properties of sugar, this Fresh product is an encapsulation of the brand’s name. Sounds of glacial winds were coupled with the cracking of ice to highlight the stop-motion animation of the product breaking out from its freezing shell. Juxtaposed next to the endearing clips from the campaign shoot, the finished film is a mindful balance of sugary sweet and minty fresh.


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