Ancient Blossoms; The Rose Face Mask
Brand Partner Education Videos for Fresh Beauty



Black & White

The wind rustles the rose petals,
releasing a marvelous scent
that echoes from antiquity
and back

Come along to endless fields of gentle pink and deep, lush green. Listen for the gentle snaps that reverberate across the landscape as the skirt-clad women harvest an ocean of blooms. The roses of Isparta, Turkey have been growing here, where Fresh sources the main ingredient for its Rose Face Mask, for centuries. The petals are filled with cooling, balancing and soothing properties – the same ones that have been used since antiquity. By drawing on these incredible attributes, Fresh’s Rose Face Mask leaves your skin radiating, supple and gorgeous.


The Beauty of Simplicity - The Makings of the Rose Face Mask Educational

Close your eyes, and feel the rose petal extract melting into your skin – these incredible flowers have been part of beauty rituals since the beginning of time. For Fresh’s education videos we seek a tranquil balance between the simplistically informative and comprehensively creative. Retail partner education is as paramount as consumer education, and our aim is to inspire a meaningful connection between retail partner and new product by means of an evocative, visual narrative.

Rituals and origins are both fundamental aspects of the Fresh identity. Reflecting on this, we kept the piece simplistic, calm and ritual-like, with easy-to-read graphics and a voice-over that serves as both teacher and storyteller. Interwoven with educational snippets showing how to use the product is the journey of Fresh founders Lev Glasman and Alina Roythberg making their way through the rose fields of Isparta.

By connecting the educational and how-to with the origin footage narrative, the finished piece is simultaneously easy and substantial to the viewer’s eye. They’re left with the knowledge of the Rose Face Mask attributes and function, but also an echo-like feeling of the compelling history that inspires its sourcing.


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