Secrets Unfolded
Fresh’s 2-Step Rose Sleeping Mask



Sound Design
Color Correction

The roses are all
sleeping beauties
Sighing in and out
quietly paced with the turning world

The blooms made their journey from halfway across the world, centuries ago. Rooted in civilization’s cradle, their secrets are as alluring as the mystical earth that birthed them. In a dreamlike garden of Eden, lush and ancient and still, these heartbreakingly beautiful flowers were given their name. Rosa damascena. The Damask rose. Their petals are so bright you’d think only a dreaming child could conjure them – and brimming inside them is a scent worthy of their tint. In their Rose Sleeping Mask, Fresh extracted the exceptional properties of these blossoms to create a soothing and revitalizing overnight face mask.


Dreaming of Beauty - The Makings of the Rose Sleeping Mask Campaign

As far as the eye can see, the lush, rosy fields stretch out and exude their warm, sweet fragrance. What could be more exquisite than endless pastures of regal roses? For their Rose Sleeping Mask campaign, we teamed up with Fresh to create a sensorial, beautiful film that was as alluring as the origins of their product’s main ingredient.

Dreams are the perfect foundation for creative work. Inherently visual, they are sometimes more vivid than our waking lives. To highlight the ethereal essence of the Fresh raw footage, we implemented tools that created a soothing, calm flow throughout the film. Slow motion was used to echo the pace of those dreams that have you feeling relaxed, refreshed and just a tad exceptional as you wake in the morning. Set against the vibrant soundscape of natural tones the piece tip-toes gracefully in a visual and auditory harmony.

To say the Damask rose is striking would be an understatement. Its color is intense and lively, so we accentuated the flower fields as the visual canvas for the campaign’s unfolding story. The playful lead dives into the scent and beauty that surrounds her; a symbiotic romance between woman and bloom. Coupled with chirping birds and buzzing bees, the finished piece plays just like a blossoming dream: relaxed, yet spirited; mystical, yet convincing. 


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