What is Moss?

Moss Studio + Magazine is an experienced content creation studio, serving the creative needs of prestige beauty and luxury brands.

The moss spills elegantly out across the forest floor. Lush, vibrant, luxurious. It’s been here so long people have almost forgotten just how splendid it is. A sharp emerald green radiates and echoes throughout the tiny stems reaching towards the light; the structure is a study in intricate arrangement. Moss may be an unlikely name choice for a content creation studio, but to us it’s the synthesis of patience, sophistication and never-ending progress; all of the ideals we strive towards.

Just as the magnificent moss stretches itself out across its chosen stage, we too believe in mindful and reliable structures; designs, frameworks and methods you can trust. A beautiful piece will always be our goal – but the real journey lies within the process of reaching it. To refine stunning creative work; to piece together those most breathtaking moments that we find.

At Moss Studio + Magazine, we are forever looking to perfect the process. To be the thorough pair of eyes that examines every single puzzle piece, and how the right combination will communicate your story and reach your ideal audience.

We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Studio production

  • Editing

  • Retouching

  • Color grading

  • Motion graphics

  • Audio services


Basing our work on more than two decades of comprehensive editing and production experience, we approach every project with patience and great attention to detail. That’s what makes us Moss – a content creation studio that strives for the perfect journey, not just the destination. 

moss pattern 3.jpg