Rich History of Tiffany & Co.’s
New York Icon
Timeless, Retouched



Sound Design

The beat is constant;
it tick-tocks, tick-tocks, tick-tocks, ticks
Fast-paced across the centuries,
in second-long leaps that echo through the city blocks

He may carry the heavens on his shoulders to make the stars turn in myth, but in New York City, Atlas turns time. What could be more poignant, then, than for one of the city’s most distinguished brands to create a gorgeous line of women’s watches that ooze luxury, heritage and whole lot of sophisticated style? The story is rooted in 1853, when the unlikely friends Henry Metzler, a ship figurehead carver, and jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany chiseled out an immortal block of New York history. Carved from fir, Metzler’s Atlas has kept the clock ticking ever since, and most recently served as the inspiration for Tiffany’s stunning Atlas 24mm line for women.



The Makings of the Atlas 24mm Animation

Visionary photographer Horacio Salinas re-enters the room. In his hand, a New York cityscape in paper from his own personal collection, which he graciously offers up to the process. He tells us the Tiffany Blue is fine; he’ll just paint his creation back later.

For this this Tiffany & Co. animation, we collaborated alongside renowned photographer Horacio Salinas and Tiffany & Co.’s creative director Alberta Testanero to create a sharp, stylish and gorgeous campaign. Salinas, known for his deep shadows in still-life photography, brought a sense of mystery to his meticulous work with the timepieces. As he captured them with his camera, we pieced together the story of Metzler’s Atlas - literally. Paint strokes, cutouts, custom Atlas stamps, Roman numerals painted in Tiffany blue; every component came together for the visual conceptualization of our story in beautiful collages. 


The production aspect of this campaign continued with the design of an original soundscape, which serves as a story in itself. The auditory backbone of the piece, it follows a woman making her way to Tiffany’s through the city, and allowed us to really explore the soundmarks of New York - both old and new. The hooves on the cobblestones; the pigeon wings in the park; the champagne cork popping; and, of course, the clock ticking. It all sets the pace for the campaign, and served as a brilliant building block for our final edit.

In every sense, this collaboration was a matter of bringing history to life; interweaving the beautiful photographs of the Tiffany’s watches with the high-paced story that inspired their creation. We identified a quick rhythm, in part because the format required it, but mostly to communicate that essential pulse that runs throughout New York City. The finished piece is a cocktail of past and present, moments and centuries, all wrapped in that luxurious, Tiffany ambience. 

All professional images (c) Horacio Salinas.


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