Textiles in the 21st Century
With Sunbrella
Laurie Frankel Photography x Sunbrella



Laurie Frankel
Color Correction

The textiles weave themselves peacefully
throughout the rays of sunlight
A symphonic explosion of mellow hues,
as the world shifts into a quiet sigh of repose

Listen to the soft whispers floating through the dusty air, playing catch with the warm breeze. The threads are determined and strong; they are rooted deep within the veins that flow through this arid, peaceful vastness. As the wind catches them, their color flickers, casting vivid, dancing waves upon their surroundings. Sunbrella has taken the fabrics that lie at the heart of history and culture, and fitted them for the 21st century. In her Arizona shoot for the company, Laurie Frankel captures their majestic and intricate layers.


Desert Dreaming - The Makings of the Sunbrella Campaign

What could be more exciting for us at Moss than the combination of exclusive textiles set to the backdrop of a warm, tranquil and vast desert canvas? This project simply breathed stunning visuals, and using the footage from award-winning photographer Laurie Frankel for our edit was an absolute pleasure. We were tasked with creating a beautiful and uplifting video that encapsulated the sense of tranquility and warmth Frankel’s shots exuded.

The right combination of music and footage can play like velvet to both eyes and ears, which is why we knew we needed a soundtrack worthy of the raw material. Thankfully, the vocal track we eventually found was just that; moody and melancholic, and yet emotional and uplifting. It played beautifully alongside the desert shots in sigh-like, melodic waves.

Color cues became the basis for our edit, and our goal was to arrange the footage into a journey through the warm vibes of the Arizona surroundings. The music set the pace for us, and allowed us to compose the visuals in a comfortable, relaxed flow that highlighted the texture from the close-up shots of the Sunbrella fabrics. The end result brings the viewer along to a balmy desert dream of beautiful textiles and remarkable photography. 


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