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Back to the Roots

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When Nancy Twine lost her mother, the grieving process became a re-visit to her family history - and the beginnings of an innovative, unique and cutting-edge beauty brand. Briogeo’s mission is to take hair care back to the basics and the company has managed to create a brand that is the perfect marriage between the vibrant future and the grounded past. Opposites attract, and this creative strategy is a brilliant case of how to take two very different visual approaches and skillfully unite them into one.

Communicating the Visual Equilibrium of the Brand’s Values

Briogeo balances on its foundations of taking things back to basics with a visual strategy that’s both vibrant and full of life (the brio) as well as soothing and tranquil (the geo, meaning of Earth and nature, in the name). By manifesting these brand pillars throughout their creative strategy, Briogeo has succeeded in effectively and honestly communicating its message to both existing and potential consumers. 

New York City inspires Briogeo - but what could be further away from calm and lush natural landscapes than the city that never sleeps? Making use of both the outer extremities of the brand’s personality is a technique that works wonders in attracting a diverse and committed consumer base. There’s something for everyone in these products, whether your hair is frizzy and straight or color-treated, and it’s this exact feeling you’re left with after watching one of Briogeo’s visual pieces.

These in-studio product campaigns are bright, bold and colorful, without losing touch with the natural and earthly roots that inspired the brand’s beginnings. You end up with a feeling of  calm excitement by the end; the pastels are bright, but soothing - the product run-through is quick, but thorough. Even the models exude a sort of relaxed merriment, and all of this put together creates a sense of connection to the heart of the Briogeo brand - the best way to instill consumer aspiration and loyalty.

Briogeo’s Sea Goddess on Youtube

How-To’s that Celebrate Diversity

Lying beneath the soothing and ancient, the spirited and adventurous, is a visual consistency - a solid foundation of who and what this brand is. This is particularly visible in Briogeo’s How-to campaigns that, at the very core, are a celebration of diversity. As you view through them, you find diversity in ingredients, diversity in hair, and diversity in personalities - all of which build and cultivate an authentic and earnest connection between Briogeo and its customers.

Briogeo’s ‘The Perfect Start to Finish Hair Repair Routine’ on Youtube

In ‘The Perfect Start-to-Finish Hair Repair Routine’, the brand has taken the How-to video to a whole new level, not just showing off the products it wishes to promote, but telling a genuine and honest story. You care about the narrative, simply because you’ve stood in front of the mirror countless times, just like the model does. The visual is vibrant and quick-paced, but also evokes that soothing confidence Briogeo has mastered with its creative strategy. 

With an altogether different model, and head of hair, another How-to, for Briogeo’s Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil, keeps with the pacing, music and techniques you find throughout the brand’s visuals. But at the same time, the clip continues to communicate the diversity of both consumers and ingredients - as well as that unique balance of the two opposing values that lie at the core of the Briogeo brand.

Origins and Founder Story for Visual Communication and Honesty

In addition to a holistic creative strategy that allows the brand pillars to shine, Briogeo makes the most of its founder’s story. In their Behind the Brand: Briogeo Hair Care video, Nancy Twine, with beautiful, healthy-looking, and naturelle hair, tells the personal story of her own beginnings in creating from-scratch cosmetics alongside her grandmother. The viewer is also given an explanation of the brand name, which builds on that Briogeo-customer connection.

Behind the Brand: Briogeo Hair Care on Youtube

Soft, beautiful lighting is coupled with a calm pace and warm tones throughout the piece. It’s a true testament to the geo aspect of Briogeo, and literally takes you back to the brand’s roots. Twine explains what separates them from the crowd, but she does so without pushing sales, and by the end of the video, you genuinely believe that Briogeo’s products will do wonders for your hair.

Including the founder or origin story as part of a beauty brand’s visual strategy is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it reminds us what this brand is; where it came from and why it came to be. It also serves as compelling marketing material that can be angled as so much more than just advertising. 

Most importantly, however, it reminds the viewer that they are being spoken to with honesty and respect. By opening up to its consumers, and telling them its story, Briogeo invites them into a unique vibrant-earthy warmth, and lays the foundation for a lasting brand-individual relationship.


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