A Treasure Trove in Hiding
Caudalie Beauty Elixir



Sound Design

Her grape vines reached out with divine veins,
longing to be unearthed
A whisper rippled through the lush fields;
’Find us.’

Mathilde grew up breathing the tranquil scents of Grenoble, and found her life’s passion in the vineyards of her family’s estate in Bordeaux. Together with her husband, Bertrand, she uncovered that the vines and grapes being tossed aside during harvest season were literal treasures. Locked within them were exceptional powers for the skin; powers that could be extracted and transformed into something brand new. With this discovery, Caudalie was born; tranquility, magic and beauty materialized.



From Bordeaux to Hungary with Love

According to legend, Queen Isabella of Hungary possessed a mythical water known as her Elixir of Youth. When we first heard the story in preparation for our Caudalie cinemagraph, we could practically smell the fresh, Hungarian rosemary. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir was inspired by the queen’s tale, to create a versatile and regal recipe that’s become a favourite with make-up artists and celebrities alike. 

It didn’t take all that to get us at Moss inspired, though; just hearing the word ‘elixir’ had our imagination in a frenzy. Old-timey tonics held within corked amber-glass bottles; apothecary labels stamped with jotted ink scribbles; witchcraft and forgotten magic trickling through the air. We were absolutely thrilled to work with the Caudalie team to create a piece that encapsulates the mystical atmosphere that inspired their cult favourite.


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