The New Oil-Infused Butter Cleanser
Drunk Elephant’s Slaai Breakthrough




Their names sound like
a topsy-turvy fairy-tale
But as their deep cores unfold
everything aligns in perfect unison

Few have journeyed across the sea to these innermost, ancient, reserved depths – the ones that, if you look properly, contain anything and everything you might need. The vast fountains of life spring up from the earth, and branch out with magnificent magic that’s ripe with healing and knowledge. It is in the wondrous landscapes of Africa, east and west, north and south, that Drunk Elephant sources some of its most incredible ingredients. Their Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser is an amazing addition to an already extraordinary line. By combining the very best nature has to offer, Drunk Elephant has married the ancient with the innovative.



The Makings of the Slaai Educational Animation

There’s nothing more inspiring than being given the space to work creatively on a project – particularly when the subject is full of life and the brand is full of soul. An educational animation is the perfect marriage between the logical and playful, and for Drunk Elephant’s Slaai launch we were tasked with creating a piece that evoked the product’s unique properties, exotic sources and incredible innovation.

We began by getting to know the product first-hand, before we dove into an animation storyline to showcase the Slaai phases of consistency and texture. In classic Drunk Elephant style, this is a different kind of educational video, that makes use of vibrant colors, solid pacing and light-hearted imagery. The piece does this without losing the easy-to-understand messaging that underpins the structure of the video’s informational aspect.

For the water animation, we played with a few different options before deciding on a wave to wash away the cleanser, and 3D renders of the products were created to give them freedom of movement on the screen. The finished educational campaign is fun, explanatory and just as whimsically Drunk Elephant as it should be.


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