A Reinvention of Natural Skin
Drunk Elephant’s Holiday Set Reveal




The savannah’s giants have gone topsy turvy;
drunk off golden, sweet droplets,
whose magic potion transforms
into another colourful play across the ocean

The marula trees of Africa’s savannah stretch out their lush branches and drop sweet, succulent fruits onto the ground. Hidden inside the nut of the marula fruits lie the marvellous kernels whose oil Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson decided would be the key ingredient throughout her ground-breaking skincare brand. Based on rigorous research and a strong belief that our skin knows what to do if we let it, Drunk Elephant was born. 



Whimsical Meets Inspired - The Makings of ‘Rescue Party’ & ‘The Game of Hide + Seek’

The ingredient lists are balm for the complexion, and as colourful as the Drunk Elephant brand itself; marula oil, pygmy waterlily stem cell extract, bamboo powder, cantaloupe fruit extract – the list goes on. In order to showcase the explosion of creativity that sets D.E. apart, there was no other way to approach this project than with colourful play. 

Drunk Elephant’s whimsical, vibrant designs underpinned the entire process, and by creating layered files from their drawings, we brought the storyline of ‘The Game of Hide + Seek’ and ‘The Game of Skin Rescue’ gift boxes to life. Add a splash of original sound design and audio mixing, and you’ve got a pair of fun and hectic animations (almost) as trippy as the savannah’s drunk elephants that inspired their beginnings.


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