Innovative Harvest x Fresh Beauty
Harnessing the Power of the Living Lotus



Sound Design
Color Correction

The leaves stretch out across the water;
across time and fleeting memories
An endless rhythm, 
as their eternal blooms sway

Listen to the petals humming in the water, stirring slowly back and forth in pace with nature herself. The world is still, though not silent, and if you close your eyes, you can hear the heartbeat of the ripples whirling, like they always have. Within the ancient lotus flower lie mysteries just waiting to be uncovered; mysteries of the bloom’s incredible longevity. In Fresh’s latest innovation, the Fresh Lotus Dream Cream, the very essence of the lotus flower is extracted to create a night cream that wakes you up to the skin of your dreams. 



The Pulse of Nature’s Silence - The Makings of The Fresh Lotus Dream Cream Campaign

Sometimes, we need to look to the past to solve the puzzles of the future. Who would’ve thought one of Earth’s best kept secrets to youthful skin could be found in a plant that has mastered the art of growing very, very old? For this Fresh Lotus Dream Cream campaign we took to the field of sensorial storytelling. Soundscape and exciting footage came together to take the viewer on a journey to the literal roots of the lotus blossom. 

Complete silence is rare in the wild, and if you close your eyes you’ll uncover a world that is brimming with sound. Birds chirping, bees buzzing, and the never-ending murmur of soothing water that is almost still, though not quite. The soundscape of this film became the perfect backdrop for our edit; a visualization of the layers upon layers of sound that nature constantly produces. The finished piece plays in a peaceful pulse, breathing in pace with these serene, natural chords. 

The footage was edited to this same rhythm, to tell a vibrant, sensorial story as enticing as the lotus flower itself. The vastness of the Tennessee location shoot was highlighted by marrying alluring micro shots of the flowers with breathtaking macros of the land. The end result is a dream-like journey to the enchanting marvels of the Fresh Lotus Dream Cream’s provenance.


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