An Icon of 20 Years
Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser



Sound Design
Color Correction

The water is a cascade
of diversity
Come one, come all
to celebrate newer meets new

Water is the essence of life – and of endless renewal. As she steps out of the shower, her feet are lighter than feathers. They tip-toe into the day, floating on that clean, refreshing, magical sensation that encapsulates her. Her secret isn’t a secret at all; she’s shared it with countless others, on countless mornings and countless evenings. The underlying current flows beneath them all, and pulls with it nature’s spells of rejuvenation and rebirth. 20 years ago, Fresh launched what would become a cult favorite, and one of their biggest bestsellers. Their Soy Face Cleanser 20th Anniversary Limited Edition is a celebration of the magical soybeans, hydrating cucumber and balancing rosewater that’s kept millions of faces happy, clean and fresh for two decades.


The Makings of the 20th Anniversary
Soy Face Cleanser Campaign

Water is the perfect protagonist. It creates a unique looking glass, and sets its own pace – one that the viewer must follow. As the droplets twist and turn in perfect choreography, the color, sound and atmosphere that ensue unify and inspire. Can you feel your pulse taking count, trailing the near-transparent veils above and below? For the 20th anniversary of their bestselling Soy Face Cleanser, we partnered with Fresh to create a campaign that captured the essence of hydration.

Soy is a universal ingredient, known for its moisturizing properties. Alongside cucumber and rosewater it turns into a marvel for skin types from dry to oily, flaky to unclean. To highlight this adaptability, the campaign is a celebration of diversity. We wanted to show that soy can be used for all skins and genders, leaving them with a hydrated, clean and good feeling. As Soy Girl, the original packaging illustration come to life, passes her knowledge on, the bottle moves from hand to hand – happy face to happy face.

This keeps the rhythm throughout the finished piece – like a clock taking us through two decades of hydration. Alongside the recurring imagery of water, the ever-flowing and visual expression of clean and fresh, and gorgeous micro shots of the ingredients that give this product its amazing scent, the Soy Face Cleanser 20th Anniversary Limited Edition campaign is a light-hearted and refreshing piece. 


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