Jo Malone; London Lark
An Interactive Virtual Experience




The jungle is a juxtapositional marvel;
luxuriously larky, fashionably fantastic
And in the midst of it all, a palate of purity:
Soulful scents, all-round

Simplicity and sophistication tend to go hand in hand, and in no realm does this ring more true than in the realm of fragrance. Jo Malone is the very definition of taking the ordinary that may often be overlooked – the bark of an oak tree, the skin of a cucumber – and turning it into something marvellous. Ever since its inception in 1994, the brand has been a pioneer in perfumery, making couples of surprising ingredients and charming the entire world with its simplistically exquisite fragrances. 


Simply Add a Dash of Fun - The Makings of the London Lark Opening Animation

The sun is climbing up over the horizon, setting upon this colossus of history. If you listen carefully, you can hear a subtle twitter of cheeky merriment in between the English virtues of sophistication and elegance. Jo Malone is a master of contrast – complexity meets simplicity, gritty couples refined, and in this London Lark launch, they married their distinctively British pillars with an innovative digital experience for their second largest commercial campaign of the year. 

Basil and Neroli, the fragrance underpinning London Lark, is all about fun; British exuberance compressed into a playful scent worthy of larking around one of the Western world’s most majestic capitals. We approached our task in this exact spirit, and animated award-winning illustrator Jason Brooks’ distinctive and vibrant illustrations to create a stylish and chic opening sequence for the London Lark avatar tool. 

The tool was a perfect expression of everything Jo Malone, and allowed users across the globe to take a walk around London’s most fashionable stops with their own tailor-made avatar. Here at Moss, we loved contributing to the project, which was the perfect example of a classic Jo Malone yin yang of sophistication and fun.


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