Jungles Entwined; “Downtown”
Perfumera Curandera’s Fragrance Campaign



Black & White

Look between the trees! - There is magic here
The alchemist takes her stance, 
reaching her arms out far and wide,
to the most intricate secrets of old

There is something mystical about the forest. The gentle whisper of the leaves; the never-ending roots making their way throughout the ground; a wondrous, magical world that reaches into our souls and takes hold. Perfumera Curandera creator Leanne Hirsh found her inner alchemist by studying with the curanderos of the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountains, who make potions and elixirs out of the captivating nature surrounding them. Her small-batch, healing perfumes ooze breathtaking scents only the very depths of the Earth could conjure.


Scents of the Wild - The Makings of the Perfumera Curandera Fragrance Campaign

If you listen carefully, you might hear it. Beneath the car horns and high heels and constant city buzz, there’s a different kind of rhythm making its way through downtown. It’s the fleeting wings of a hummingbird; the deep sound of a heavy forest floor; the magic of the rainforest seeping into our own New York City jungle. Finding common ground between the Amazon and Manhattan may sound challenging, but for this Perfumera Curandera Downtown fragrance campaign, all we had to do was pin back our ears to identify their common wilderness. 

We teamed up with brand founder and make-up artist Leanne Hirsh, director Bettina Lewin and creative director Matthew Axe to shoot a high-paced film that married the Perfumera Curandera roots with the NYC hum. A true passion project, the on-set experience was relaxed and inspired; a creative atmosphere that gave the entire production team room to express their individual specialities. 

In post, black and white allowed us to highlight the ruggedness of the raw material shot for the campaign. New York’s wildness was emphasized by juxtaposing its contrasts to the soundscape of a busy jungle. The finished Perfumera Curandera film is a bustling, buzzing piece that takes you on a journey through two magical jungles entwined. 


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